Press Reviews

Reviews for Faeland’s debut album “All My Swim” released Jan 20 2018

“Without doubt one of the albums of the year. All My Swim is surprising, never complacent. Just like the best music should be ” – Shire Folk

“Throughout, Faeland exhibit a soft, measured assurance in the performances and a rich, inviting warmth in the production. All My Swim is a debut that does far more than impress, it delights.” – Folk Radio UK, 2018

“Beautiful” – Kathleen MacInnes , BBC Radio Scotland

“Sweet sumptuous folk music” – Richard Pitt, BBC South West

“A really fabulous band making glorious folk music” – Sam Bonham, BBC Introducing

“A very impressive debut…Highly recommended, fifty minutes of gentle, carefully-crafted quality sounds. It is an album to escape into and become part of; somehow it seems removed from the normal time stream….” Cambridge Music Reviews 

“An album of subtleties and understatement, of deftly and lightly woven musical threads… worldly and often otherworldly. .. if this is not way up the [Top Albums of 2018] list then it will have been an unimaginably spectacular year for music.” Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture 

“Ethereal acoustic stylings” – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

“★★★★★★★ Bright, optimistic melodies” – Uncut Magazine

“Beautiful…modern folk songs underpinned with some classic writing” – Songwriting Magazine

“A collection of original songs that sit equally comfortably on the seats of tradition and innovation” – C. Elland, FolkWords

“Fans of well-executed modern folk will want to find this band soon, while it can still be seen up close” – Mike O’Cull

“I keep promoting it [Faeland’s music] because it’s just so beautiful” – Pete Jones, Radio Reverb

“This is wonderful modern folk music…it’s a glorious album… one that does give a sense of uplifting” – Paul Gough, Pimpod, Australia

“A beautiful selection of original, modern folk compositions” – Folk Radio UK, ’17

For single, All My Swim

“All My Swim …it shimmers and swoops like a yellow wagtail in flight, a harp dances around a gentle guitar and Rebecca’s voice goes to work on a field of empty souls to help them rise again.” – Johnnon Casson, Fresh on the Net

For single, We’re Just a Love Song

“Rather lovely…Faeland deliver a gorgeous slice of folk-pop” – Americana UK