June 25, 2020

Click to watch Faeland Live: Episode 8

Faeland Live: Episode 8

In this episode we cover “Medhel an Gwyns” & share Faeland songs “Train”, “We’re Just a Love Song” plus unreleased new song “Dartmoor”! Plus Faeland News, and find out more about Faeland with a Q&A. Discover: FAELAND SHOP: https://faeland.co.uk/shop THROW…

Click for Faeland Live Episode 7

Faeland Live: Episode 7

Welcome to episode 7 of Faeland Live!In tonight’s episode we sing Faeland songs including “To the Green”, and a favourite song of ours by Hem called “Hollow”. We also make up a song on the spot, using lyrics from the…

Faeland Live Episode 6: Tetbury Goods Shed Special Edition

Faeland Live: Episode 6

This week is a special edition in collaboration with Tetbury Goods Shed. It’s part of their Shutdown Showcase sessions. Join us for live music, connection and good old fashioned hanging out! Faeland classics, covers and more. It’s live so anything…

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