All My Swim (CD Album)


All My Swim album on CD.

Includes all 11 album tracks on CD, recycled card CD sleeve and beautiful cover artwork by Jen Howarth.

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Faeland’s debut album, All My Swim, blends deep folk tradition with a modern approach to folk music. The album is performed acoustically on guitars, vocals, eclectic percussion (water gourds, thimbles, candlesticks & even an old CD rack!), cello, clarinet, double bass, violin, accordion & Celtic harp.

Track List:

1. Too Much
2. We’re Just a Love Song
3. Prayer Song
4. All My Swim
5. Chantress
6. The Wheel
7. Strings
8. Silent Story
9. Train
10. To the Green (Live)
11. Find Me

Released: January 20, 2018
Copyright © Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. ℗ Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. All Rights Reserved.

58 reviews for All My Swim (CD Album)

  1. Jonathan Knibbs

    This is one of my favourite albums to listen to at home or in the car. All tracks are of the highest musicianship and absolutely beautiful to listen to. The purity of Becky’s voice is a pure joy to listen to and certainly sends shivers down my spine! I just wish I could buy it on vinyl..!

  2. Malcolm

    A gorgeous album, gentle, thoughtful and superbly crafted

  3. Russell Clarke

    Captivated us from the moment we first played it (on the way home from the Hove gig). A brilliant debut, roll on the next one!

    p.s. can I second the vinyl comment (above)

  4. Sue Sadler

    I saw Faeland play in Bristol in the summer and bought this album at the gig and having been playing in my car ever since. It’s truly enchanting and all the tracks are excellent. Love Becky’s voice and the range of instruments they play is just lovely to hear. Well done. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Paul

    Lovely album. I’m sharing it with all I know who like beautiful melodies, well sung, enchanting songs and gentle arrangements. One of my favourite albums from recent years.

  6. Alastair

    A great album. I hope more people discover this band and their music.

  7. Mike

    Loving the All My Swim album. The standard of musicianship is right up there and the production is first class. Crystal clear and so warm. It’s great with the headphones on when I’m walking on the beach next to my house. So uplifting.
    Favourite songs? Well, I love the bridge in Silent Story. Works so well. Another favourite is Strings, for the lyrics especially. The title track is excellent (reminds me of Fleetwood Mac bizarrely!!) But the song I love best is We’re Just a Love Song. Well constructed, the harmonies are amazing and the wee guitar solo towards the end is wonderful.

  8. Trevox

    The singer-songwriter partnership that is the duo Faeland conveys real-world, heart-felt emotions in the album “All My Swim”. Rebecca and Jacob have crafted and produced no less that eleven uplifting, soulful and foot-tapping tracks, performing them to perfection together with an assembly of eight other talented musicians. The last song of the album, “Find Me”, finds me wanting more.

  9. J. Higton (verified owner)

    After buying Faeland’s second album “When I Close My Eyes” I loved it so much I just had to purchase their debut album. Another lovely album with a whole host of wonderful songs. I just love “Strings” and “We’re Just A Love Song” is beautiful. The first track “Too Much” is also stunning and “Train” is also a favourite too. Great lyrics and vocals and brilliant arrangements, I just love it. Such a soothing album to listen to. Wonderful!

  10. Mo Higgins

    Ordered this blind but I was blown away by the brilliance of this cd will definitely be ordering the new one ,this music is so soothing

  11. Chris Bowden

    I discovered Faeland’s music just recently after responding to a promotion to receive their album “All my Swim” for just the cost of delivery. On first listen I was immediately captivated by the melodic sounds of Rebecca and Jacob’s self-penned blend of folk, trad, popular and contemporary music that delivers such an abundance of acoustic delights. The album has been lovingly produced and mastered into an exotic blend of music that stimulate the senses and nourishes the soul. Rebecca’s superb soprano vocals are pure perfection which are beautifully complemented by Jacobs backing vocals and impressive guitar, uke and banjo playing. Completing the package are a wealth of quality musicians supplying a rich blend of instruments ranging from Celtic harp, santoor, cello, violin, accordion, mandolin, clarinet, piano, organ and percussion instruments. By the time I’d reached the end of the album I found myself wanting more and was not disappointed when I found I was able to enrol in their Faeland experience to explore every aspect of what this supremely talented duo can deliver. Six days into this deep dive experience that is the “Faeland Realm” I have been simply blown away by what these two have managed to achieve and I have found they are every bit as good live as they are on their most impressive album. What a great couple and what a great find! Thank you so much Faeland!

  12. Pam

    I’m thoroughly enjoying listening to this cd, immersing myself in the tunes and lyrics. Absolutely well worth listening to.

  13. Jon

    Love this album find the music so uplifting.
    So glad I’ve discovered Faeland can’t get enough of their music.

  14. Richard Sandland

    Well, I’m a flat-nosed, hard-faced, red-eyed prog rocker for whom the world ended in 1975 (Gabriel, Genesis, selling out etc…all those things proggers say) …and who, by rights, should be all sneery about this. But this album, and When I Close My Eyes, are both just gorgeous. I got them at a silly price, but I will be buying the next one properly.

    Seriously though, it’s such a lovely, gutsy, heart-breaking, uplifting, life-affirming thing to listen to these albums. I love them both! P’raps I’m NOT so hard-faced after all!

    Congratulations, folks. Wonderful

  15. Michael Edmunds

    I discovered the music of Faeland quite by chance, when I came across their Facebook page and ordered All My swim pretty much blind. I’m glad I did. A delightful album, at times quite, gentle, reflective but also emotional and rich textured. There’s some great musicianship here coupled to well-crafted songwriting and I’m absolutely loving it.

  16. Arie Uijtterlinde

    “All my swim” is a very mindfull easy listening mesmerizing album. It’s quite amazing. My favourite track is “Prayer Song”, although “Too much” is a very nice track too. A Lovely mix of instruments, good guitar work by Jacob, Rebecca’s mind blowing clear voice, a bit of Americana, it’s all there. I discovered Faeland on YouTube, what a treasure that is. You Faeland people have a new Dutch fan aboard. I really like your music. Maybe next year when the pandemic is over Faeland might be able to visit the continent and tour the Lowlands and beyond. Vredenburg, Utrecht(NL) is a nice venue that would fit easily. Keep up the good work and maybe I will be able to see you guys live sometime in the near future. I’m looking forward to it! Greetings from the Netherlands (or Holland) if you like -)

  17. Cliff A

    Awesome debut album, lyrical, easy listening folk. Can’t stop playing it!!

  18. Robert de-Bourne

    What a great Album, great songs with sincere feeling, emotion and love for the music, There is joy in this album and you get that through every song, Glad to have discovered Faeland.
    Just keep it up, I’m sure you will .

  19. Shaun Bateman

    This is so beautifully laid back that it’s not an album to wake up the neighbours, but more one to invite them round for wine and enjoy it while engaging in stimulating conversation

  20. Stephen

    I have the CD “All my swim” – Rebecca has a great voice and Jacob’s guitar and other stringed instrumentation complement her voice well. He does some backing vocals too. I liked the album so much I have ordered the new cd. I think this band will go far. Hope your tour somewhere in Essex as it would be great to see you perform live and hey maybe meet you too!
    Keep up the great work guys!

  21. Graham Wilkins

    Lovely album with great songs and beautiful vocals but, what makes this special is that the music isn’t just bland accompaniment to the singer. The music is just as important and, on one or two tracks, the vocal is accompaniment to the music. Recommended

  22. Jenny MacDonald

    Love this CD. Only recently discovered Faeland’s music and I’m playing it a lot now, it’s such a beautiful pure sound, it takes me to another place.

  23. Richard Noyce

    To put it simply, listening to ‘All My Swim’ is an unalloyed pleasure at a time in which so much else in the world is dark and disturbed. Each of the songs is an individual experience, with words that emerge fully from Rebecca’s lyrical voice on repeated listenings, and a wide variety of textures from the restrained and skilful playing of Jacob on guitar and other instruments, and beautifully blended additions from other musicians. For an early album this is a very mature debut by a duo who will undoubtedly mature and develop further as time goes on. This is demonstrated to perfection in the second album, ‘When I Close My Eyes’ and leaves me looking forward to what comes next.

  24. Dave Loweth

    I have to admit I had never heard of Faeland before an advert popped up on my Facebook page offering a free CD of All My Swim. I was intrigued by the description of their music as folk-influenced and ethereal, so I decided to take up the offer. I’m glad I did. The album’s eleven songs are well-crafted and alluring, with some excellent, understated musicianship overlaid by Rebecca’s lovely singing voice. The vibe throughout the album is for the most part laid back and a great accompaniment to spending a lazy afternoon chilling in the sunshine. I like the way that the music pulls in a range of influences, with elements of folk, country and even jazz woven into the songs. An impressive debut that leaves this listener at least wanting to hear more.

  25. Ian Coulson

    Bought this album (and it’s follow-up, when I close my eyes) after hearing just one track, “we’re just a love song” and I’m very happy that I did!! An excellent debut album from a band which I’m sure we’ll be hearing a great deal more about in the future.

  26. Peter Schuldt

    I discovered you on Facebook and I take your offer to send All my Swim to me.The record is arrived and the songs are very beautiful.I’m very surprised that the sound of this record is also really good.I love good songwriting and even good sound.I will order now When I Close my Eyes.Thank you that I discovered you.

  27. Andrew Reed

    I’m usually a Symphonic Metal listener but I can listen to most genres and sometimes I need to chill a bit.
    “All My Swim” is an excellent choice for me to unwind and there isn’t a bad track on the album.

  28. Pat Murphy

    I’ve been listening to this album and enjoying it very much.
    The title song is not my favourite. I feel that a desire to include all the musical ideas has left the song confused. But perhaps that’s just me.
    Far more to my taste is the next track “Chantress”. There is some lovely guitar work, vaguely reminiscent of Declan Sinnott, which I enjoyed very much. The tune is fresh and airy and like a breeze through an open window, it starts gently, then fills the room. It’s gradual increase in intensity is lovely and skilfully executed.
    Too Much features beautiful vocals carried along by a driving beat and is another tour de force..
    We’re Just a Love Song is a jaunty tune which is very catchy. This is one of my favourite tracks from the album. There’s a bit of Dolores O’Riordan here.
    The Wheel has jazzy undertones. The music and vocals seem together yet in some way traveling at parallels. This is some skilful song writing and production.
    Silent Story has shades of Bil Jones. It is one of the more poppy songs on the album.

    This is an album full of songs of love and self exploration. There is of the quirky innocence of the early Sinead Lohan about the structure and execution of these songs. By the way if I seem to be identifying numerous influences in reference to this album it is not because they are unoriginal or derivative, rather it shows the scope of the landscape these songs explore. Do yourself a favour and get your hands on a copy of this album and join the adventures.

  29. Tony White

    This is a beautiful album. The songs have great melodies and the singing does them justice. This is all underpinned by brilliant playing. Have listened to this and When I close my eyes over and over and continue to enjoy them.

  30. Andrew Ketchen

    “All My Swim” is without doubt one of my favourite albums ever. The singing is beautiful and the instrumentation is sublime making listening to it a complete pleasure. I don’t have any one particular favourite song, all of them are wonderful and I find myself drifting off into a relaxed state of mind and smiling all the time. Thank you Rebecca, Jacob and all who contributed to the making of this album, I hope there’s many more to come.

  31. Les

    Bought All my Swim and when I Close my Eyes together. I absolutely loved them great songs and Rebecca has a lovely voice. Not what I usually listen to but well worth a listen.

  32. Joel Bessey

    I was going into this album blind, however it absolutely opened my eyes to the beautiful arrangements. breathtaking songwriting and clear chemistry the both of you have. All My Swim has already gone there as a standout album for me. Too Much starts the album off perfectly, with its soothing arrangement along with Rebecca’s soothing voice. The album ends with Find Me which could be an allegory for finding, listening and buying completely into Faeland’s world. It’s utterly spellbinding and I couldn’t recommend more. Please I urge you to buy When I Close My Eyes as it’s an amazing follow up

  33. Carl

    Album arrived quickly, lovely relaxing music to chill out with, gorgeous melody lines, lovely acoustic instruments played well, and of course the vocals and harmonies, highly recommend it, thanks guys…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  34. Stephen

    Arrived promptly, Really enjoyed listening to all my swim. Many thanks.

  35. Paul Malloy

    Great album – really easy listen to music. Well crafted and put together. Up there with Julie Fowlis. Good job and keep making music.

  36. Alex Wilson

    A fantastic album – even the songs that take a backseat on first listen find the opportunity to show themselves for what they are, and the whole thing is a gentle and accomplished listen. Highlights include “We’re Just A Love Song”, the titular “All My Swim”, “Train” and “Chantress” (which has quickly risen to cement itself as one of my favourite songs by any artist ever!) but there’s not a single disappointment anywhere on the album.

  37. David Thompson

    I tried to recall who she sounds like but couldn’t, Rebecca has a unique voice with a magical quality. All My Swim, album and single, are well worth a listen and you will want to hear more. I now have two Faeland albums and hope they have the success that they both deserve. Jacob, the instrumentals and lyrics are a joy to listen to.

  38. Paul Conn

    Album arrived here in Australia very quickly. Really enjoying the quiet Melodie’s and wistful lyrics.

  39. Brian Ingersent

    Loving the debut album “All My Swim” from Faeland. Beautiflly crafted songs make for really relaxed listening. Stand out tracks for me at the moment are “Chantress” and “Find Me”. Looking forward to hearing the new album “When I Close My Eyes”!

  40. Michael Joseph Shogi

    Excellent singing, excellent musicianship, excellent songwriting. What more could you want?

  41. Barry Plank

    Received my two CD’s a couple of weeks back.
    Really enjoy listening to them. Love playing them in the car, even my Granddaughters ask me to put them on!!

  42. Shaun Dibble

    Faeland are the real deal, love their album All My Swim and highly recommend checking these out. Rebecca as a stunning voice and Jacob very good backing vocals and gifted guitar player.. you’ll definitely hear more of Faeland in the future. True musical geniuses

  43. Bee Loor

    It has been a while since I discovered something new musically and then Faeland come along. I’ve bought both albums and absolutely love them.
    I normally find a group/act have a perfect place or time to enjoy them but Faeland are one of the exceptions, because I think there’s not a place or time that wouldn’t be complimented by hearing them. Laying in a bath, looking out to sea, driving along in the car or, as I’m doing right now, gazing out my kitchen window through the wind and rain with a cuppa, dreaming off skipping across the moor on a warm summer’s evening, like a tiny meadow flower.
    Their music is beautiful, relaxing, warming and most of all, inspiring. ✌💜😊


    Excellent Album & songs , listened to it in car travelling to mates , at weekend ,found the songs very relaxing ,

  45. Dave Kvasnicka

    It is truly rare to find gentle power in music, but the treasure is found HERE! Many thanks to you BOTH for your creation and your gentle spirit.

  46. Jeanette

    It is truly a beautiful and relaxing album to listen to, in fact I had it on repeat on the first day of receiving it, I liked it that much.
    To be honest I wasn’t expecting much as it was a freebie via Facebook, I am so pleased I got it.❤

  47. Ray G

    Great album in my swim haunting melodic great vocals and guitar awesome band

  48. Michael

    Love to listen to it at home and in the car. Hope that I will get the chance to see them one day on stage here in Germany

  49. Steve S

    Lovely album. I’m new to Faeland and very much enjoying discovering their music. This CD has become a regular in my playlist!

  50. Ian

    Beautifully composed and executed music. Rebecca’s voice is pure honey.

  51. Ewald

    I put in the CD into the player and was immediately taken away on a mind journey flying on a magic sound carpet. Love that album. Will have to listen to it several times to get all of the lyrics (I’m German) but I will enjoy it every time. This album works even without the words just through the fantastic sound.

  52. Steve

    Absolutely fantastic! Such well crafted beautiful songs! Highly recommended.

  53. Rob

    Brilliant album love the music and lyrics and recommend if your have not already got it I Close My Eyes. Another fab album.

  54. Philip John Lewin

    I can’t separate the two Faeland albums I received. overall, they are evocative of Fairport Convention in a style of music to which I never get tired of listening.

  55. Mike Stephens

    Ordered both albums – All My Swim and When I Close My Eyes – after hearing just a couple of songs. The tone of voice and general vibe is just so great and relaxing. I have recommended to friends and haved listened on repeat since receiving them. Order yours and you wont be dissapointed !

  56. Vicky Jarman

    What an amazing album, so relaxing to listen too. Just from listening to the music, you get a feel for the wonderful people behind it.

  57. Joe Walsh

    All My Swim is a beautiful relaxing, thought and emotion provoking collection of songs. Some of the tracks I found to be automatic hits while others were a slower burn. Rebecca’s voice reminded me of Dido initially and I had to shed that off before I could enjoy the music fully. I really appreciate the thought gone into the packaging and its alignment with nature. 100% beautiful album.

  58. Kevin

    Two great albums and Becky’s voice is up there with Sandy Denny. I cannot think of any higher praise.

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