All My Swim (Digital Album)


All My Swim album in MP3 format.

Includes all 11 album tracks, plus digital lyrics booklet with medicinal plant art embellishment and album credits.

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Faeland’s debut album, All My Swim, blends deep folk tradition with a modern approach to folk music. The album is performed acoustically on guitars, vocals, eclectic percussion (water gourds, thimbles, candlesticks & even an old CD rack!), cello, clarinet, double bass, violin, accordion & Celtic harp.

Track List:

1. Too Much
2. We’re Just a Love Song
3. Prayer Song
4. All My Swim
5. Chantress
6. The Wheel
7. Strings
8. Silent Story
9. Train
10. To the Green (Live)
11. Find Me

Released: January 20, 2018
Copyright © Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. ℗ Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Joe

    Heartfelt and genuine songs that sooth the soul. A good range of catchy melodies as well as slower spiritual numbers keep the album feeling fresh and lends itself well to repeat listening! Also you get the lovely lyrics booklet with the download.

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Copyright © Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. All Rights Reserved.