All My Swim (SIGNED CD Album)


Receive a copy of the debut Faeland album, “All My Swim”, personally SIGNED by Rebecca Nelson (lead singer-songwriter) and Jacob Morrison (songwriter & lead instrumentalist). Features Faeland favourites such as “We’re Just A Love Song” and “All My Swim”.



Receive a copy of the debut Faeland album, “All My Swim”, personally SIGNED by Rebecca Nelson (lead singer-songwriter) and Jacob Morrison (songwriter & lead instrumentalist).

Faeland’s debut album, All My Swim, blends deep folk tradition with a modern approach to folk music. The album is performed acoustically on guitars, vocals, eclectic percussion (water gourds, thimbles, candlesticks & even an old CD rack!), cello, clarinet, double bass, violin, accordion & Celtic harp.

Includes all 11 album tracks on CD, recycled card CD sleeve and beautiful cover artwork by Jen Howarth.

Track List:

1. Too Much
2. We’re Just a Love Song
3. Prayer Song
4. All My Swim
5. Chantress
6. The Wheel
7. Strings
8. Silent Story
9. Train
10. To the Green (Live)
11. Find Me

Released: January 20, 2018
Copyright © Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. ℗ Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. All Rights Reserved.

90 reviews for All My Swim (SIGNED CD Album)

  1. peter elligott

    I came across Faeland by accident. A very good accident it turns out. I have been play this album a lot and thoroughly enjoy it. Whoever sequenced the album is to be commended as it flows together well. I rarely write reviews but in this instance I was highly impressed by an album from artists I did not know. Highly recommend this band

  2. Chris Bryce

    ‘All My Swim’ and ‘When I Close My Eyes’ is my new ‘go to’ music..a great find!

  3. Michael Daniels

    If you like intelligent music developed by people with a passion for their work and a high level of technical competence within the broad church of ‘Folk Music’, then Faeland could well be for you. Music to make you smile or weep, music to carry you through the day.

  4. David Trill

    Once in a while something comes out of the blue and whisks you away. I love this cd. It started with the hook – it’s ‘byeee iii iii the wayy ‘… It really is a lovely song, even if it’s sad. Everything on here is well crafted and fresh. I’m sure I will be enjoying this for years to come. Thank you Faeland.

  5. Ed

    All my Swim is a great album and is highly recommended! I really enjoy listening to it. Discovering a new band/cd/artist is a brilliant feeling and this is a classic example of that!

  6. James Gilroy

    Brilliant great cd well done

  7. Pat

    I got All My Swim and When I Close My Eyes together and listen to them all the time. Music and lyrics are clear and so relaxing to listen to. The music reminds me of early 10,000 Maniacs with Natalie Merchant as lead singer. Definitely worth listening to and chilling out

  8. John hall

    Simply beautiful albums.

  9. Clive Hicks

    I’m very much enjoying All My Swim – already warming to particular songs. In the car alongside the latest Coldplay CD; nice contrast with that!

  10. Graham CHAPPELL

    Every Christmas, I like to send a new music CD that I have especially loved, to the friends that I love, by artists that they may not have heard of before. This year, that CD may well be ‘All My Swim’, by Faeland. It is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Trevor Bates

    What are you waiting for, go out and get it. great vocals, great music.

  12. Chris Freeman

    What a great find, love the style and the complexity of the songs and music. Pure voice and music to keep you going through the day in these difficult times. If you like folk with added technology and harmonies, this is for you. I wish you all the success.

  13. Sarah Ellen

    All my swim is lovely folky, story telling music. I love to listen when I have a wee bit of me time.

  14. Martin Paterson

    All My Swim. Enjoyed it a lot. A rich, sophisticated satisfying sound.

  15. Denise Jackson

    Thoroughly enjoyed All My Swim, which arrived the day after I ordered it. I’ve played it a few times and Strings is really growing on me. The only thing that would improve this album would be an insert with printed lyrics.

  16. Chris

    All my Swim, one of my favourite cd’s this year, happy I found it.

  17. Derek

    Bought both All my Swim and When I Close My Eyes – both easy to listen to and essential to home office working

  18. Simon

    Simply beautiful melodies mixed with great lyrics and musicality, a group that you never get tired of listening to. Faeland are amongst those rare groups that come along and ‘steal your heart’ with their humble enthusiasm and unique material. Take the plunge, get a copy of their Albums, sit back and find a place to relax. Highly recommended

  19. Harry Grey Wolf

    Harry Grey Wolf Bellingham 🐺👍👏🤝💞

  20. Lee

    Took a chance on All My Swim when an ad popped up on Facebook, mostly because I love the sound of the name Faeland. What a treat this album is – beautiful acoustics, lovely to have on during the evening, engaging and relaxing listening.

  21. Pearl

    We absolutely love both albums and play the constantly in our shop! We have had a multiple compliments from customers.

    Keep being you!!

  22. John Millen

    An album of exquisite depth, the songs have really grown on me and the CD has been sitting in the CD player for several weeks now. Absolutely love it! xxx

  23. Ray Decker

    I found Faeland on the internet. All My Swim is a gem. The music is well arranged and the lyrics are heartfelt and genuine. Rebecca’s vocals are enchanting. I could listen to this album for a long time and, indeed I have for several weeks. More please!

  24. David

    I came across ‘Faeland’ via Facebook post, so I thought I would give them a listen. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing the CD ‘All my Swim’ in the car and it’s a beautifully crafted melodic grower. No favourite, I just love the different contrast between all the songs. I guess people will see many different influences within the songs. How about Judie Tzuke in the ‘Prayer Song’ and maybe a touch of Paul Simon’s ‘The Boxer’ in the lovely ‘Chantress’. Maybe, forget all this and simply say to yourself did I enjoy listening to the whole album? My answer is a resounding YES, and that’s all that matters. Hopefully when you can tour, you play Newcastle. PS Only thing missing is some lyric sheets with the CD’s. Lovely album.

  25. Pete Matthews

    I’m not a reviewer, I just know what I like and don’t across many genres.
    This I like.

  26. Peter Tilbey

    An Ad popped up on my Facebook Page asking if i was interested in a free CD ‘All my swim’, so what did i have to lose! I knew nothing about Faeland, but what a joy this CD is. Musically interesting and what a voice young Rebecca has. Play it in my car constantly at the moment,

  27. Brian Hill

    Found them on Facebook, and this is the sort of thing I like.
    Favourite tracks? All of them!

  28. Deborah

    Oh I just thought I would try it, and you know I have just been listening to it now. It really grows on you, and it has fast become one of my favorite cds. How did that happen??!!! The vocals are so pure and natural – and the songs so tuneful – just lovely 😊. Great album, Faeland, this is a must for music lovers !

  29. Phil Humberstine

    I was given All My Swim at Christmas and have really enjoyed listening to it relaxing by the fire with a dram. A great album and very talented artists.

  30. Maureen

    A great CD, easy listening, play it most days. Thank you..

  31. Trevor Cottam

    I have only very recently discovered Faeland and am so pleased that I did . All My Swim is a truly wonderful album and it has been played over and over . Very chilled and relaxing music played by very talented people . Love it and look forward to the next album

  32. Terry

    I found Faeland purely by accident on Facebook, and I’m glad I did, the album ‘All My Swim’ is fantastic, I love the melodies and the vocal arrangements. I play the album in the car to help soothe the nerves from the madness found on the roads.

  33. Tony

    So pleased I discovered Faeland and their wonderful album, All My Swim, via social media. What an absolute bargain, for the cost of just postage! Beautiful vocals, excellent musicianship and wonderful, evocative songs make for a stunningly good album. Highly recommended.

  34. Melvyn Woodcock

    I purchased All my swim & when I close my eyes together. Both albums far exceeded expectations.. Superb vocals & great music.

  35. Mícheál Ó Doibhilín

    i wasn’t quite sure what I was going to receive when i ordered this CD All My Swim, but I am so glad I did. Easy to listen to, an excellent CD with 11 beautiful songs. Then i played All My Swim and was blown away. From the first sonh “Easy” to the last this is a quality album. Rebecca’s vocals have matured and Jacob’s music complements her voise so well. I love it.

  36. Clive White

    Wawww this is wonderful music, beautifully performed and so enjoyable. It’s as pleasurable as like wrapping yourself in a soft warm blanket when it’s freezing cold outside. The songs dovetail so well together and are crisp and calming creating mental images of walking through a forest full of bluebells on a bright Spring afternoon. Hints of Katie Melua and Kate Roseby but a standout collection of listenable music. Well done Rebecca and Jacob and the others performing for creating this collection of beautiful calming songs.

  37. Steve

    Came across faeland on Facebook. Their music sounded lovely so ordered the 2 albums. Not disappointed at all easy to listen to great sound and lyrics. Keep up the good work

  38. Colleen Goth

    A beautiful, haunting album. The melodies entrance and I feel uplifted whenever I listen to it. A treasure.

  39. Michael Horne

    Just a lovely, folky album full of relaxing, but thoughtful music.

  40. Michael Eales

    Discovered Faeland via Facebook anf thought why not ! Just received ‘ All My swim ‘ and I am instantly hooked on the beautiful melodies , such an easy listen perfect for winding down and relaxing too . Reminds me a little of Ella Edmondsons album ‘Hold Your Horses’ from 2009.

  41. Pete Tree

    Thoroughly enjoyed the new album, as I did their first .. When I Close My Eyes. What a musical discovery for 2022.

  42. Frank Watson

    Found Faeland by accident and went on to have a listen.
    Fantastic music great songs amazing musicians being a musician myself I know how hard it has been during these times.
    They are hard working but the hard work as been worth it as their album is Fantastic.
    Well done 👏

  43. Tony

    Just received both CDs and think they are fabulous.
    When I close my eyes is my firm favourite in the car right now.
    Looking forward to seeing you live sometime, but in the meanwhile stay safe and keep those tunes coming!

  44. Michael T Davey

    All my swim is a great cd, filled with beautiful sounds. Don’t take my word for it buy it ,stick it in your cars CD player and I’m sure you will have a better journey or play it when friends come round and they will soon be asking who’s this playing. Love and peace x

  45. Steve

    All My Swim; If you like your music, sincere, gentle and melodic then you need to own this album ❤

  46. Matt Meier

    Just received my copy of Faeland’s release All My Swim. What a hauntingly beautiful album. Each track takes you to a dream journey that evokes powerful emotions.

    Respectfully reminiscent, but never imitative, of Fairport Convention, 10,000 Maniacs, and Cowboy Junkies.

    Can’t wait to take this journey again!

  47. Geraldo Gambone

    Absolutely love this album such beautiful music so talented I played it over and over 💜

  48. Wolfgang

    First round: listen as a background while working, not bad, worth a second round only listening to the music. And it is worth giving it extra time, doing nothing but closing eyes and following the music. Not yet sure wht’s my favorite, depends on the mood I’m in, maybe it’s “Silent Story”

  49. Richard Walter

    Like others that have commented, I happened to find Faeland by accident on You Tube.

    Your blend of folk and melodic modern songs have totally won me over so you have joined my list of favourites. Love the lyrics too. Clearly a lot of work has gone into writing and recording them. Top quality CDs. Hard to find a favourite but “Easier” has to be up there.

  50. K.smith-phelps

    Having received faeland free give away first album,and purchasing their second one,they are my first new discovery band of the year,I’m loving it all,can’t wait to see them play live..the melodies are beautifully written, Rebecca’s voice has a haunting quality that stays with you lovely stuff

  51. Andy Frusher

    Simply stunning! Crystal clear vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation, played not just from the heart, but the soul.
    The ability to write and perform a song that is so sad, you want to cry, yet you are so joyful you were privileged enough to hear it, is a gift: Thank You Rebecca and Jacob for sharing.

  52. Nick Milton

    A wonderful mix of Waterboys, Kate Bush, Roy Harper….very British folk in other words, and so much more besides.

  53. Steve

    Fabulous album. Great to listen to while chilling out.

  54. Svein

    Lovely music, highly recommended.

  55. Rambling man Richard

    Loving the gorgeously evocative, warm, melodic vibe of All my Swim. Perfect accompaniment to curling up by the wood burner with a dram or a long drive in the car.

  56. Mike

    Great voice, lovely music. Both CDs are well worth a listen. The only improvement I think they could make would be to release them on vinyl as I only listen to CDs in my car.

  57. Nick

    Warm, enveloping album. A great mix of 70s Topanga Canyon and modern British folk.
    Superbly played, sung and production. Well worth taking a punt on.

  58. Joe Murphy

    Came across Faeland on facebook, quite by chance. What a delight to find these talented musicians. I got two of their CDs. All My Swim, and When I Close My Eyes.
    Congratulations Rebecca, and Jacob, and all involved. Two great CDs. You have a great sound, and great songs/melodies. I love what you do.

  59. Elaine

    Thank you for the lovely cds which arrived a couple of weeks ago. They are amazing. Fantastic music and lyrics I enjoy listening whilst driving or just chilling. Thank you and can’t wait if and when you tour to see you perform live.

  60. Paul Martyr

    My goodness! What a delight.
    All My Swim is a superb cd, with fantastic gentle songs, delightful melodies and a beautiful (almost at times, Dido-esque) voice.
    Hopefully you will be touring here in Cornwall, in the not too distant future.

  61. Dave Durbin

    I came across Faeland while scrolling through Facebook and instantly loved their sound. I find All My Swim refreshing and unique! Love it.

  62. Wayne O’Neil

    Received my album All My Swim months ago in perfect condition. Loved all the songs.

  63. Wayne O’Neil

    Just to add When I Close My Eyes CD came together with All My Swim CD. All songs on both CDs are great.

  64. Marc

    Came across faeland by accident on a Facebook feed. They are very different from all the other music produced today and in a good way. Love all the songs on both CDs I got.

  65. Linda Silk

    I have both “All my swim” and “When I close my eyes “ and love them both, they are must buys. Every song will have some meaning for everyone to relate to. If I had to choose a favourite it would be “ To the ones I know and love” ……………. Keep making the world a better place with your music and lyrics.

  66. Nigel Sheppard

    First time I’ve taken a chance on a random post appearing on my facebook feed. Both albums are great and will get regular plays

  67. Kate Street

    Thank you much for the cd’s. The music is beautiful and I am so pleased I came across the random post. Fantastic.

  68. Justine

    I love this album. It’s a refreshing change from my usual folk choices. Love the harp on All my swim. There are some beautiful musicians on this. Reminds me of the Clannad family and I love Rebecca’s voice. Just playing now, with the sun shining, cooking a stew, watching my dog resting in the sun rays. Bliss. Thank you for my free CD. Have ordered another one. X

  69. Piet de Rooij

    Did read about your success in England with your music. After weeks of waiting and taxes to pay the cd’s finally arrived. All my swim is lovely because of the clear and sometimes surprising instrumentation. I and my family especially like the songs We’re just a love song, Prayer song with it’s to short intro, so beautiful! And Chantress, The Wheel and also the fairly long song All my swim. Have to listen more to When I Close My Eyes. We’ll play songs of your cd’s on our regional radioshow, around Gouda, in our programme De Muziek Experts . Lots of succes and inspiration for other artistic musical art. Love from The Netherlands.

  70. Simon

    Found Faeland by accident but glad I did! Beautifully crafted songs and melodies in the folk tradition, wonderful!

  71. Terry

    I saw this band advertising on Facebook and listened to a couple of their songs. Loved them. So I bought their first album and it is great. I will be ordering the second album soon.

  72. Bruce

    I received All My Swim as a freebie (just paying postage) and was so impressed by it that I purchased Faeland’s second album When I Close My Eyes. Both albums are absolutely wonderful. Rebecca’s signing is superb – reminiscent of Birdy and Charlie Dore, but unique in her own way, and Jacob’s guitar is really beautiful. The songs often have a Celtic feel, with the lilting, ethereal feel of that genre, but it would be wrong to pigeon hole them because there is a range of styles and feel. I will definitely be looking out for more in the future and thoroughly recommend both their albums.

  73. John

    Came across Faeland due to a promotion on the website of psychamok record shop for All My Swim. When I ripped it onto my Mac it decided that it was indie rock bizarrely. Obviously it is not but it is very melodic folk. Enjoying the CD immensely.

  74. Tony P

    Came across this album by accident via FaceBook as a give away. Bought it, only had to pay postage, and am very happy I did. The sound of the album is very calming and almost ethereal. Listened to it many times now, once 3 times in one night.

  75. Graham Ridley

    I found Faeland by chance on a Facebook advert. On hearing only one song, I ordered All My Swim. This isn’t my normal kind of music but I love it, and will play it often. Perfect for listening to in a garden in summer, or simply laying down and absorbing yourself in it. Rachel’s voice reminds me a bit of Lily Allen and tennis player & TV presenter Annabel Croft. The music is beautiful, amazing strings, great use of the Celtic harp. Favourite songs are Chantress, All My Swim, and Silent Story, and the whole album is perfect as a whole piece of work.

  76. Chester Studzinski

    Like many others, took up a fabulous offer on Facebook and discovered All My Swim and their latest album, When I Close My Eyes both contained wonderful songs. A joyful discovery that have been repeatedly played since delivery.


    I picked up CDs of “All my swim” and “When I close my eyes” through a promotion on Facebook and I’m very glad I did. Rebecca’s voice has that cleanness and purity which is reminiscent of folk singers of the late 60s and early 70s, or more recently, Eva Cassidy. The songs themselves are beautifully crafted and the recordings are of excellent quality. I listen to both albums often.

  78. Eric

    Beautiful music on All My Swim, would recommend to anyone no matter what their favourite type of music is. Just ordered When I Close My Eyes.

  79. Ian

    For once, I acted on a Facebook promotion and how delighted I am to have received “All My Swim” and “When I Close My Eyes”. Rebecca’s beautiful voices rises above the skilfully arranged instruments, all carefully balanced to deliver superb songs. There are a few comparisons in other reviews with Rebecca’s voice. I’m going to add Dido although she is very much her own songstress. I can listen over and over; just sublime.

  80. Ian Wilson

    Hi I’ve been playing both albums ,When I close my eyes and All my swim.They are great albums to hear.The singing by Rebbeca just stunning,and the music is brilliant too.Well done many thanks for the great sounds,and welcome to your new wee addition to your family .

  81. Andrew

    Another Facebook connector, love the clean sound of All My Swim, great to listen to in the car. Highly recommended!

  82. Pauline

    What beautiful music, so glad I investigated the link on Instagram. Have recommended you to family and friends.

  83. Stuart

    There is a beautiful warmth and clarity in the sound of Faeland. The music and melodies are exquisit and draw the listener in to an experience in music which is unique and unlike anything else ‘out there’. I collect and listen to music from across a wide range of styles and genres… pop to rock, punk to reggae, classical to opera and soundtracks to folk and live music… there’s nothing that compares to Faeland. My recommendation is to give them a go! You will not be disappointed!

  84. David

    I stumbled on this amazingly talented band through an advert on Facebook. I took the risk to order both albums. Best decision I have made in a long time. The incredible musicianship, pure vocals and beautiful songs were way above what I expected. The music on these CD’s have put me in a happy place many times. I’m now a lifetime fan and will be purchasing any future material. Thank you so much and please keep creating.

  85. Matt

    I think I saw an advert for a free CD from Faeland on either Instagram or Facebook, I read a little bit about their music, listened to half a song and then went to order immediately. I still buy CDs, sue me! The option for the recent CD, When I Close My Eyes also came up as well for an additional fee. Why not? So the albums arrived and I played them about a week after I’d received them. I soon realised that my ‘risk’ buying on spec wasn’t at all a risk by any stretch of the imagination! From the 1st track I heard it was truly wonderful and beautiful music. I cannot work out which are my favorite tracks yet from both albums as they are all stunning. The arrangements, the songwriting is super, those musicians have some serious chops too! The production doesn’t shy away from using some modern techniques to enhance the songs. Then the voice of the singer, Rebecca, my goodness… What a treat. She sings with a British accent in a semi folk style, she has an incredible, smooth voice which soars and soars.
    If you have just seen an advert by Faeland for a CD don’t hesitate, order it today, if you only order the All My Swim album you will have wished you also had purchased their latest album as well! That good. Highly recommend.
    Thank you to both Rebecca and Jacob, good luck with the new addition to your family. The 1st 6 months are the toughest, it gets incrementally easier as the months and years pass! Promise.

  86. David84

    The music is good

  87. Vivienne Dolden

    Love voice, relaxing music which I need at the moment. Congratulations on the birth of your little one ❤

  88. Colin Knight

    I heard Faeland on FB and liked them so bought ‘All My Swim’ and ‘When I Close My Eyes’. My new car CD music – love it, thanks.

  89. Bruce A J McLauchlan

    Fabulous to discover some new and fresh music! And it really is fresh, as it doesn’t follow any old tried and tested formula Faeland just does their own thing, and they do that thing really well. A highly recommended purchase – you will not be disappointed!

    • Faeland

      Thanks so much Bruce, so wonderful to hear that you find our music fresh! As an artist that’s one of the best things you can hear! – J&R

  90. Virginia

    The musical compilations brings you to a beautiful world of nature, freedom, peace and Faeland.

    Highly recommend both CDs and there are fabulous tee shirts on the site too.

    • Faeland

      Thank you for your lovely review Virginia! So wonderful to hear you got that from the music. Really glad you like the tees too! – R&J

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