When I Close My Eyes (CD)


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Faeland’s brand new album, When I Close My Eyes, recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios. It features the songs Easier and End of the Day (from the film 23 Walks).

Featuring guest bassist – John Giblin (Simple Minds, Kate Bush, John Martyn).

Other guest musicians include drummer Rob Pemberton (The Staves, Rachael Dadd), harp/violin/accordionist Martin Solomon, drummer/percussionist Rowan Sterk (Carrie Tree, Susie Ro, Ayla Schafer).

Track Listing:

1. Easier
2. Was
3. Little Lights
4. End of the Day
5. Long Lost
6. Ocean Song
7. Used to
8. What Will I Be?
9. Willow
10. Made to Love You
11. Tin Pan Pocket
12. To the Ones I Know and Love

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10 reviews for When I Close My Eyes (CD)

  1. David Cawthorne (verified owner)

    In 2017 the first album from Faeland was released with the beautiful lead song “We’re just a love song” and i thought wow what a great album and compared it with the first Civil Wars album “Barton Hollow” from 2011 and the song “20 years”. It had that same country/americana feel.
    Whats the next album going to be like? Its always the question with new bands/musicians.
    The next album “When i close my eyes” is now here and it does not disappoint… i see it as a positive collection of songs for today.
    Rebecca Nelson has a clear and beautiful voice similar to that of Cara Dillon and Olivia Chaney and she sings across great melodies and great musicianship. Jacob Morrison does great work on guitar and a collection of other fine musicians add their instruments to emphasize and fill out the sound.
    “When i close my eyes” starts with “Easier” – a lovely introduction to the album and then moves into “Was”which includes the refrain so we sing along and the song goes on . my interpretation of this is the need to keep music alive in these difficult pandemic times.
    “Little Lights” contains the phrase count our blessings, there’s one for every star in the sky… another positive statement.
    There are twelve strong and relevant songs on this well recorded and well produced album. I encourage you to delve into them and enjoy the music…..

  2. J. Higton

    Stunning new album from a very talented folk band. Lovely thought provoking lyrics, beautifully sung with wonderful arrangements and music. 12 excellent tracks, very hard to choose a favourite. “Little Lights” is just beautiful and “Was” is another fab track. “To The Ones I Know And Love” is also superb. They all are. Just sit back and close your eyes, relax and enjoy.

  3. Pam

    Another fantastic piece of work, the melodies and lyrics are beautiful and I become quite immersed in them.
    Definately a good purchase and look forward to more.

  4. Cliff A

    Bought as debut album “All My Swim” was excellent and showed promised. This does not disappoint at all, on all levels. Tight, great vocals, lyrical, storytelling, great musically too and many more adjectives spring to mind!! Buy this and you won’t be disappointed!!

  5. Paul Conn

    I liked the earlier album, but I really like this one even better. The music, lyrics and overall production are up by quite a few notches and the whole album works well. At times, Rebecca’s voice reminds me of a young Sandy Denny (the former, great lead singer with Fairport Convention for younger readers, from over 40 years ago), and it is so good to hear this style of singing over well produced music.

  6. Andy

    Both this album and it’s predecessor are both excellent. They are perfect choices to play when you need to unwind after a stressful day.
    It is always a pleasure to discover new talented musicians who craft songs with a story.
    For myself the standout tracks are “Silent Story” on “All my swim” and “To the ones I know and love” on this album.
    Thank you for creating 2 exceptional albums, looking forward to hearing your future work.

  7. Bee Loor

    It has been a while since I discovered something new musically and then Faeland come along. I’ve bought both albums and absolutely love them.
    I normally find a group/act have a perfect place or time to enjoy them but Faeland are one of the exceptions, because I think there’s not a place or time that wouldn’t be complimented by hearing them. Laying in a bath, looking out to sea, driving along in the car or, as I’m doing right now, gazing out my kitchen window through the wind and rain with a cuppa, dreaming off skipping across the moor on a warm summer’s evening, like a tiny meadow flower.
    Their music is beautiful, relaxing, warming and most of all, inspiring. ✌💜😊

  8. Ewald

    Hope I can put this right in english. Where My All Swim was an album to lay back, listen and enjoy, When I Close My Eyes is an album that won’t let you just sit still. The beautiful voices of Rebecca is more present and there’s a rythm in all songs that just get’s you moving at least your head and even sing along.
    A perfect background for relaxed day.

  9. Mark

    Top-notch folk music – such a treat !

    • Faeland

      Thank you Mark, that’s lovely to hear – really appreciate your support!

  10. Lis

    Is it possible to buy your When I Close My Eyes CD? I’ve got All My Swim and I love it.

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