When I Close My Eyes (Signed CD)


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Faeland’s brand new album, When I Close My Eyes, recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios. SIGNED VERSION. It features the songs Easier and End of the Day (from the film 23 Walks).

With guest bassist John Giblin (Simple Minds, Kate Bush, John Martyn).

Other guest musicians include drummer Rob Pemberton (The Staves, Rachael Dadd), harp/violin/accordionist Martin Solomon, drummer/percussionist Rowan Sterk (Carrie Tree, Susie Ro, Ayla Schafer).

Track Listing:

1. Easier
2. Was
3. Little Lights
4. End of the Day
5. Long Lost
6. Ocean Song
7. Used to
8. What Will I Be?
9. Willow
10. Made to Love You
11. Tin Pan Pocket
12. To the Ones I Know and Love

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1 review for When I Close My Eyes (Signed CD)

  1. Dave Cox

    Brilliant album to follow on from the first and go one better is a massive jump. “Easier is by far the best song I’ve heard in years. I loved Was and Little Lights. I loved the free gifts – a great idea – they will be collectible one day. I recall many years ago I had an album called Wish you were here by Pink Floyd came with a postcard, lyrics book etc. I never knew it would as valuable today. So I’m hanging on to the free gifts!

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