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A signed CD

A custom Faeland postcard

A handwritten, personalised note

Free PDF lyric booklet


A lifetime discount

When I Close My Eyes is chock full of joy, with melodic hooks snaking out in abundance.

- Folk Radio UK

Signed & Personal

We'll sign your CD and write you a personalised note, to show our personal appreciation for your support.

Free Bonuses

You'll receive a limited edition custom postcard, a personal note, PDF lyric booklet and access to a private 1.5 hour concert completely free!

Crafted With Care

12 beautiful songs recorded at the highest quality at the famous Rockfield Studios. Featuring beautiful original artwork by Sofja Umarik. Lovingly wrapped & shipped within 1-5 working days.

Limited Edition

As you've been on this incredible journey with us, we wanted you to have something special and unique. We have just 200 bundles available!

Just for you...

We've shared so much together, so we wanted to offer you something more than just a CD alone. As our extended Faeland family, we wanted to create something special and unique for you to enjoy and cherish for years to come.

That's why we created this special commemorative CD bundle just for you!

As you can see - it includes lots of beautiful extras. 
We've had a lot of fun putting it together and are very excited to share it!

Each deluxe package includes:

  • A signed CD so you know it’s real 
  • A limited edition album artwork postcard to celebrate that you heard the album first 
  • A handwritten thank you note to express our gratitude for your support ❤️ 
  • Access to a private 1.5 hour performance of the whole album so you can experience the entire album live, no matter where you are in the world
  • Free PDF lyrics booklet currently unavailable elsewhere ✨ 
  • A lifetime discount of 10% for our online shop… forever!

“Rebecca has a haunting almost ethereal aura about her voice, and alongside a majestically guitarist, in my eyes they cannot go wrong, I love their music, I will buy their albums, amazing duo!"

- Harry Vespa, Faeland fan

☆✫ What you get! ✫☆

Signed CD (RRP: £17)

Each of our bundles includes a signed CD with all 12 tracks of When I Close My Eyes, recorded at the famous Rockfield Studios. So you can own a physical memento of the album, play it in your car, and enjoy the beautiful artwork.

Album Artwork Postcard (RRP: £1.50)

We'll include a free album artwork postcard with beautiful design by talented illustrator Sofja Umarik, so you can enjoy her wonderful artwork and share it with a friend (or keep it for yourself!)

Personal Handwritten Note (RRP: PRICELESS!)

By purchasing this album, you're helping to support Faeland and share in our journey.

To show our appreciation, we'll write you a personalised handwritten note featuring a photo by world class photographer Emilie Sandy.

PDF Lyrics Booklet (RRP: £3)

You'll get a PDF lyric booklet so you can enjoy the music with the lyrics in front of you, for a full immersive experience!

Online Concert Tickets (RRP: £9.99)

Join us for a private live 1.5 hour concert, so you can hear the whole album in an intimate environment performed live.

Lifetime Discount (RRP: PRICELESS!)

As a treasured Faelander, you'll receive a lifetime discount of 10% on our online shop, so you know we truly value you!

BUNDLE OFFER: £17 (RRP: £33.49!)

"The whole family loves this album - it's quickly become a favourite to play while we unwind from the day together."

- Nicola Mancell, Faeland fan

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