Day 10 - Thank You & Farewell

Songs of the Day: Tin Pan Pocket, To the Ones I Know & Love

So, it's our last day in the Fae Land before we all head back out into the world 😲 😢.

It's been an amazing journey, and we've loved every minute with you guys!

Don't worry though, there will be many more Faeland times to be had - much more music and much more hanging out!

But, before then, we have two final songs for you to take with you, back through the portal home...

First, we invite you back to gather at the warm fireside, with the dreamy Tin Pan Pocket.

Then a song of good wishes to send you all on your way, To the Ones I Know and Love.

Until we meet again!
Jacob and Rebecca

“Rays of sunlight on your path, tended fires in your heart

- To the Ones I Know and Love

Just for you...

Wow! We've been through so much together! The two of us have shared the heart of each song like never before. It means so much to us that you've connected with it - we'll never forget it!

To show our appreciation, we've made this special commemorative CD bundle just for you. 💕

We've had a lot of fun putting it together and are very excited to share it! 

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So, we gather again at the portal, snug by the fire, with a song to drift away to, alone together...

We invite you all to get a cup of tea or warm cocoa (and maybe a biscuit or two!), tuck yourself into a blanket, sit back and relax...

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The Words

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We're back around the cosy fire, Jacob sat with his dad's 1959 nylon-string guitar. A bluesy riff emerges from the firelight.

Strange words come to Rebecca, and she finds herself singing about a "Tin Pan Pocket". We've no idea what it means - it's from the "other" world - but it comes with a definite feeling.

A heaviness, sluggish, somehow distant from the day-to-day world, slowing us down and drawing us into ourselves.

Followed by a cry to "my own blood and bone", something distant but so alive. Can you hear me?

Tin Pan Pocket is for those dreamy times when you feel far away from the world.

Again, we kept this stripped back to allow Jacob's guitar work and John Giblin's tasty double bass licks to shine through.

Rebecca's heartfelt vocals top off the mix perfectly.

We hope this one melts you a little!

Jacob & Rebecca

To the Ones I Know and Love

This is one for you to take with you on your way.

A song for each of your loved ones, and for each one of you, our Faeland family...

Lyric Video

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The Words...

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As we all gather at the portal to the Fae Land, ready to make our journey back into the world, we sing you a song to send you on your way.

A musical prayer to take with you... until we meet again!

May you carry it forward, and share it with the ones you love...

Love and music,

Jacob & Rebecca ❤️🎶

Into the Undergrowth

Now we dig deep for some final pieces of bonus content to see you on your way!

First we share with you our first ever improvisation of Tin Pan Pocket. If you listen carefully you can even hear Rebecca playing a few cheeky notes on lead guitar in the background!

Next, the original phone recording of "To the Ones I Know & Love", captured at the very moment it was conceived! At the end Rebecca gets a little emotional...

And in case you missed it, we'd like to share with you our final live stream of the experience:

Just for you...

Thank you so much for sharing in this experience with us - it's been so wonderful reading all of your emails, comments and messages!

It's time to say farewell, but this isn't goodbye!

We've made this special commemorative CD package just for you, a keepsake to celebrate & remember this experience. â¤ï¸

As you can see - it includes lots of beautiful extras.

We've had a lot of fun putting it together and are very excited to share it! 

You can take a closer look here:

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