Silent Story




Direction, Cinematography and Editing: Adam Hale
Starring: Rebecca Nelson, Jacob Morrison, Lizzie Tucker, Martin Solomon, Antonio Piñera Moreno, & Jaime Cantera
Hair and makeup: Tanika Solan
Filmed on location in Congresbury and at “The Batch”
Special thanks to Derek and Zoe Parrett for use of their barn, to Mary Downing for wardrobe assistance and to Holly Marjoram for lots of help on set.

Songwriting, lyrics and vocals: Rebecca Nelson
Songwriting, guitar and backing vocals: Jacob Morrison
Double bass and backing vocals: Lizzie Tucker
Violin: Martin Solomon
Rhodes piano: Michael Stanton
Drums: Rowan Sterk
Cello Pizzicato: Sarah Moody
Production and Musical Arrangements: Rebecca Nelson, Jacob Morrison, Rowan Sterk and John Hendicott.
Recording: Ben Capp, Bristol, UK
Additional recording: Pete Thomas, Bristol, UK
Mixing: John Hendicott, LA, USA
Mastering: Shawn Joseph, Optimum Mastering, Bristol, UK

“Silent Story” Copyright © 2017 Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison Ⓟ 2017 Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. Green Sage Records.


Climb to the Northern Star
Swim to the south
It’s about changing the scenery
Moving furniture about
Nothing drowned out a melody
There’s not enough drops
But you say everything’s ok hun
That’s where the conversation stops

A child that explored so far
Swam through the night
Now you’re sailing for everyone
Holding onto journeys tight

Oh you can sing any song that you can make
We can sing any song that you can take

You with your silent story
You with your silent story

She’s taking the hemispheres
Changing today
Trying to start a new anywhere
But make it not yesterday

It might be about family
It’ll keep you afloat
But you find it’s the same everywhere
You’re the same everywhere you go

Oh you with your silent story
You with your silent story
Oh you with your silent story
Oh you with your silent story

And the days you come undone
I know you fear your web unspun
And when my hands may feel afar
It’s not for a lack of love

We can sing any song that you make
We can any song that you can take.

Copyright © Rebecca Nelson & Jacob Morrison. All Rights Reserved.